Your Problem is That Even Your Happy Customers Find It Hard to Leave Reviews

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Whether it is a local or an online business, customer satisfaction is what we require to make waves, because the more satisfied customers you have, the easier it would be to get positive feedback and reviews from them, correct? Wrong!

Quality and positive feedback is what that grabs attention of visitors and the internet surfers who are looking for a better solution. Asking reviews from your customer while they are in-store or at the checkout of your online store is a whole different story.

If your company or business has a low average star rating, it is probably due to the fact that:

  • You’re unable to make customers happy
  • OR it is hard to get happy customers leave a review

How difficult it is to earn a review from a satisfied customer?

It is all about the feelings whenever a customer gets their product or service delivered. The feelings of disappointment are stronger and so the business is sure to get negative reviews from the customer who’s not satisfied with the quality of work or product. Dissatisfied customers will go out of their way to leave a bad review. 

However, when it comes to satisfied customers. Imagine a customer who is all smiles as he leaves your store. You ask him to leave a review on Google or Yelp. The customer said “Yes!” with a very enthusiastic tone. Little do you know that what the customer needs to do, is to take his time to sit down, gather his thoughts, search for your business – rummage through all the other businesses out there before they find you, and then leave a review. Sounds taxing? If you’re a busy PERSON , chances are, you will forget about the enthusiastic “Yes!” you gave the nice business owner the moment that next big task hits your desk. And that’s exactly what happens. Your customers will forget, unless we remind them AND MAKE IT EASY.

As a result, only 2% will leave a review. Bear in mind, 98% of your potential customers will read them.

Getting reviews from satisfied customers is essential but it takes a lot of efforts to make it happen. How great it would be that you find a solution for your happy customers to leave reviews hassle free?

Fortunately, Feedback Systems HAS a solution, complete with high-end techniques to make happy customers not only stick to your business, but also rave about it online. They will write about your business, leave a five star ratings, tell their friends and family about you and get back to you when they require quality services.

Contact us now so that we can make sure your customers leave those reviews for your business. 5-star reviews everywhere!

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