Providing a Comprehensive Platform for Multi-Location Businesses and Brands

When it comes to cultivating a cohesive online customer experience, single-location local businesses have the upper hand over multi-location brands. The former only has one digital presence to manage, one reputation to maintain, and one target audience to understand.

Multi-location brands, on the other hand, need a hyperlocal digital experience to connect with customers from all locations. The difficulty with this strategy is that managing and monitoring the digital presence of your properties on the web manually can be an enormous task.  With so many locations to manage, errors may slip through the cracks easily. This leads to reputation blind spots, incorrect information, and branding inconsistencies that may confuse customers.

What’s worse, a “bad seed” location may ruin the digital brand of the company. A business with no all-seeing eye won’t be able to take care of this brand wound.

The good news is Feedback Systems, Inc. offers a solution that allows your organization to develop a dynamic local presence across all of your locations simultaneously. We have a multi-location platform that lets brand managers create an online presence and reputation that feels organic to your local prospects and customers.

How Our Platform Works

Our solution gives you a bird’s-eye view of the online reputation of your brand together with the tools necessary to grow it locally and internationally. Thanks to our platform’s hyperlocal reputation, listings management and marketing, advertising, social media, and robust reporting and analytics, you can make a unique customer experience for all your locations while staying true to your brand.

What’s more, our platform is scalable. Whether you have two or 2,000 locations, be satisfied in knowing that our solution has the tools to help you develop a cohesive online customer experience regardless of the size of your company.

Take advantage of our platform today, so you can monitor and manage the presence of your brand in all your business locations. Learn more >