Online Reputation Management Dashboard

Hi there! Welcome to your Reputation dashboard. This product is a comprehensive solution that allows you to:

  • Manage your online listings, such as your name, address and phone number found on sources like Google Maps, Facebook, and Yellowpages.
  • Monitor reviews and generate more reviews on sources important to your business.
  • Get notified anytime your business is mentioned online.
  • Track social media activity of your business and employees.
  • Compare your business to your competitors.
  • And stay notified through Executive Reports and daily alerts.


When you first open the dashboard, you will land on the Overview page, which provides a summary of recent activity as well as analytics from the rest of the product.


Let’s take a look at the Listings tab. It is important to ensure that your business is listed on as many relevant listing sources as possible, and that key data, such as your name, address and phone number, is accurate and consistent. The Primary Listings subtab analyzes your key information on relevant search engines, review sites, directories and social media sites, and shows you whether your business information is Accurate, Found with Possible Errors, or Not Found. We’re matching the sites with the info provided in this section at the top, so if you notice any errors in your details here, click the pencil to make changes.

To correct or claim a listing, click “Show details”, then “edit” or “create”. This will take you to the source, where you can login or create an account.  Once done, you can paste the URL of your “Not Found” listing here. Or, wait 24 hours for the software to find the correct details of your listing that was “Found with Possible Errors”.

As you update and claim listing sources, your overall Listing Score will improve! With our deep knowledge combined with reputable sources, we’ve identified the most important business directories. We then assigned scores to each site based on its popularity. This research has lead to a score that accurately reflects the ever-changing local search environment and continues to adapt to those changes over time.Try to at least surpass your industry’s average, and aim for the 95th percentile. Some of the more well-known sources, such as Google Maps and Facebook, will award you more points than others, so make sure those are corrected first.

Next, let’s look at the Other Citations subtab. Citations are all of the websites that display your business’s phone number. These are typically smaller, hyper-local and industry-specific sites. Our system pulls in tons of interesting information, so it’s worth exploring!

Lastly, in the Statistics subtab, you can monitor your Listing Score and the total number of Citations found over time.


Now for Reviews. Customer reviews can have a significant impact on your business’s reputation, which can ultimately affect your revenue. With this dashboard, you can monitor and generate reviews.

Under the Manage Reviews subtab, you’ll see the average aggregate rating of all of your reviews from the review sites pulled-in through the Listings tab, along with the total number of reviews. Compare yourself to the industry average and take action!

Start by analyzing your Word Cloud. This will pull in common phrases used in most of the reviews left by your customers. Use this to take corrective action at your business – for example, if you notice one of your employee’s names showing up in big, red letters, you can assume that most customers are having a bad experience with that employee.

It’s also important to start responding to your reviews. Recognizing customer feedback, both good and bad, is an excellent marketing opportunity for your business. 

Once done, you can mark the review as “Responded”. This will help you keep things organized.


Let’s check out the Mentions tab. Many people express their opinions on websites, blogs, news articles, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Wouldn’t it be great to know what they’re saying so you can manage your online reputation? With the Mentions tab, you can discover what people are saying about your business—positive or negative— and maintain your reputation across the internet.

To bring in the most relevant mentions of a business, it’s best that the search criteria is as specific as possible. Get started by clicking on the “gear” icon.

Now, how would someone reference your business in a news article, blog or webpage? Effective search criteria will include your business’ name, alternate business names or nicknames, and the names of key people that influence your reputation like the CEO, General Manager or key staff members. For example, a physician may want to include their name as well as their practice. You can enter up to 25 mention searches in total. Use the Must Include and Must Not Include keywords to eliminate recurring irrelevant results. Remember that very broad searches will pull in irrelevant and useless results—you don’t want that!

Mentions will begin to populate in about 15 minutes, but can take a bit longer depending on how much content about your business is online. Once ready, click on the Search Mentions subtab to keep track of the feedback by tagging each mention and adjusting the sentiment.


The Social tab is where you can monitor likes and followers over time.

Let’s take a quick look: On the left, you can easily filter through your different social profiles. You can also focus on social activity within a specified date range.

In the Statistics subtab, you can view stats for your social profiles and compare your presence against the industry average, which is highlighted in the orange text. The graph is also interactive, so hovering over the date will display that activity.

The last sub-tab is Set Up Social Accounts. Connect the social profiles or pages you wish to monitor. Even if the social site listings were found in the Listings tab, it’s best practice to connect social sites here, as the dashboard can then bring in posts almost instantly and provide more accurate graphs. You must also authenticate your Facebook account to pull in Facebook Star-Only Reviews in the Reviews tab.


Alright! We’re almost done the tour. Let’s check out the Competition tab. Here, you can monitor your business’s presence on search engines and compare it with your competitors. You can also benchmark your social media audience against that of your competitors with Social Audience. This information lets you know whether your customers are finding your business online instead of the competition!

Get started by clicking “edit services and competitors”.  Add in relevant Service Categories to your business, along with up to three competitors. You can also add the URLs of their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Once done, click save. The information in the charts might take a minute to populate.


Lastly, head to the Reports tab. With the reputation dashboard, you’ll receive emails for Executive Reports, instant email notifications,  and daily alerts to help you stay on top of changes in your reputation.

Executive Reports summarize the current state of your business’s online reputation. It takes information from each of the tabs within the dashboard.

Here, you can see a list of all Executive Reports dating back to when the account was created. These generate on a monthly and weekly basis.  If you click edit report settings, you can add your email, as well as up to five recipients. Further down the page, you can choose one of three different email frequency settings:

  • Weekly – Reports will generate every week between Sunday night and Monday morning.
  • Monthly – Reports will generate and be emailed on the first of the month.
  • Never – Emails will not be sent, but the reports will still generate weekly within your Reputation dashboard and remain archived.

Daily alerts highlight brand new listings, reviews, mentions and social posts. One alert will be sent each day containing all of the items that have been found. You can customize what you’d like to be notified about here.

And that’s all there is to it! Enjoy logging into your Reputation dashboard each day monitor your business’s online presence. Take control of the conversation online!