Online Reputation Management Tools

According to Google, 97% of consumers use the web to search for local businesses so online presence is crucial to your success no matter the size of your business or industry. A strong online presence depends on: Business Listings Feedback Systems is a longstanding member of the online reputation management industry. We know what it takes for customers to find you — and to see you in a good light. Learn more > Our team capitalizes on local searches to make your business rank for geographic-related searches. Our software ensures your online listings are accurate and included in all relevant online directories. Learn more > Help your customers find accurate info on your website with ease using our products and services. As low as $50 per month is all it takes. Learn more > Online Reviews One of the most powerful marketing tools is the word of mouth recommendation. The recommendation from a third party crosses that divide that advertising tries to bridge. And that divide is getting your customers to know, like and trust you. When someone gives you a recommendation, that recommendation does all of the selling for you. All you need to do as a business owner is show up and do what you do best. In today’s digital economy, the online review is the new world currency. Wherever your customers are hanging out, they have a network of people who are more than willing to voice their opinion about their experience with your product or service. Here are five ways online recommendations can help build your business:
  1. Find new customers through your existing happy customers. These people will most likely leave you a five-star review. Give them an easy way to share their opinion.
  2. Implement feedback to improve your products and services. Reviews can show off where you shine. And they can also provide a reliable source of valuable information. And you can use this information to understand what is most important to your customers.
  3. Build an online presence. The more online reviews you can get, the more free content there is about your business. Plus, this content lets everyone know what is so great about your business. Watch video >
  4. Become more visible and relevant in search. The more reviews you have, the more visible you will be for specific keywords related to your business. This leads to a higher search ranking and gets you noticed.
  5. Connect with your customers wherever they hang out. Send requests for reviews via text, email, or other social media platforms to get your customer’s attention. No matter where they spend time online.
Our software makes it easy to get the online reviews your company needs to succeed. And at $99 a month, plus a small one-time set-up fee, it won’t break the budget. Learn more > Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and other social media and sharing platforms make up nearly 26 percent of all online referral traffic. That’s more than a quarter of Internet search activity, the number of which amounts to millions. What’s more, seven out of 10 Americans use social media to connect and engage, and discover and share information with other social media users. Ignoring these numbers could be detrimental to your marketing efforts and, by extension, your business. Our software and services make it easy to engage your customer on social media. Use our software to manage your social media program for $99 per month or we’ll do it for you for as low as $500 per month.

Establish Control Over Online Conversations

Your online reputation describes how customers view your brand. It is the confluence of information about your company online — and it includes the positive and negative side of your business. Build trust for your organization with online reputation management (ORM). With ORM, you can counteract negative feedback and develop a strong, consistent brand identity across all platforms.

Showing the Best Side of Your Brand

ORM is your best defense against defamatory attacks to your brand. And it starts by establishing a clear brand identity that highlights the strong points of your business. Learn more > Elevate your online reputation by suppressing negative feedback. With successful online business reputation management, you create a virtuous cycle of positive information that reflects well on your brand. It’s easier to expand your reach and build on digital marketing opportunities when you circulate accurate, good-quality content about your company. Reap the benefits of our online reputation management services in Long Beach, CA. These include:
  • Better credibility and trust – Build confidence for your brand and engage prospects who want to do business with you.
  • More business opportunities – Companies with strong online reviews are more profitable and attract more customers.
  • Valuable marketing insights – Obtain relevant insights from customer reviews. Enhance your marketing efforts to appeal to your target audience.
  • Attract better talent – A positive brand reputation helps grow your business by attracting better employees.
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