Email – The Tried and True Marketing Tactic

Email was one of the very first digital marketing tools used, dating back to the late 90s. And it’s still going strong today. But many businesses don’t have the staff, time, resources, or expertise to handle their email marketing. 

With our email marketing services, you’ll have our dedicated team of professionals working on your campaigns. We know when to send, what to send and to which audiences. And we’ll explain how/why we execute your email marketing. 

What do we offer with our managed email marketing services?

Comprehensive Email Marketing Audit

Have us evaluate your current email program. We’ll give you a complete report on how to improve your email campaigns and make them more impactful. 

Email Vendor Selection

Selection of an email marketing vendor is a critical decision. And there are lots of choices. Mailchimp or Constant Contact? AWeber or Active Campaign? We can help you evaluate which tool would be the best for your needs. 

Email Creative Services

How an email looks to the recipient is very important. And what you say is even more important. But many companies fall down at this stage. Our dedicated team of email professionals can produce email creative for your company that is perfectly suited to your needs and…gets opened every time.

Mailing Creation, Setup, and Deployment

Email design and copywriting is only part of the equation. It then needs to be coded and scheduled for deployment. We ensure that your email campaigns are sent and delivered in the exact manner that you require. 

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