Data Collection for Products and Services

Who are your customers? What do they want? What do they need?

Feedback Systems is unsurpassed in its ability to collect vast quantities of in-depth, meaningful data—at a fraction of the time and effort with greater accuracy than ever before.

Surveys and opinion polling are essential if you want to know what the public thinks about you and your products or services. We can help you to gather this vital data using several methods of information collection.

Web-based/Online Surveys
With over 1 million surveys completed, we offer a turnkey, outsourced, convenient and affordable alternative to doing web surveys in-house. We get your survey up and running with no learning curve with minimal time and effort required on your part. We convert your paper survey into a professionally formatted, efficient, error-free online survey. Our team will ensure your survey is designed to capture accurate, reliable, and secure data with the utmost care and survey-taking efficiencies in mind. We use advanced web survey administration capabilities including data piping, question branching, and conditional logic to personalize the survey experience. Our survey platform works with tablet, PC, and/or the latest in mobile devices.

Feedback Kiosks
Our Feedback Kiosks make it easy to collect unlimited actionable data simply. For trade shows, conferences and retail and marketing environments, our survey kiosks capture the voice of the customer at the point-of-experience. Our kiosks are are portable and battery operated, and require little space which make kiosks a viable solution for virtually anywhere.

Smartphone Mobile Surveys
Our mobile surveys give you the flexibility to reach your customer anytime, anywhere. Our professional services group programs your survey, prepares the reports, and offers 24/7 support to make your job as simple and easy as it can be. Surveys can be taken on tablets, smartphones, iPads, PDAs, and PCs.

One-Click Survey™ Technology
Our One-Click Survey™ Technology enables our clients to easily collect conference and session-level feedback for single, multi-day & multi-track events using smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Detailed reporting by conference, track & session is available including benchmarking.

Optical Mark Recognition System
Using our Optical Mark Recognition system, we collect fast and actionable data to move your business forward. This system is used when capturing data electronically is not feasible or preferred.

OMR is a technically advanced scanning system that captures and records answers that are filled-in on a hard copy custom survey form. Source documents are then read by the OMR scanner, where the form is digitally interpreted. Data is then utilized to provide our clients with robust reporting.

Audience Response System
Using an audience response system, your presentations become powerful data collection and assessment tools that allow you to collect real-time audience responses to dramatically improve productivity and results for your meeting. Using handheld devices, we enable you to engage participants during sessions, assess learning, gather data, or enhance presentations with this methodology.

SMS Text Surveys
Feedback Systems deploys text surveys to help organizations ask, analyze and act on feedback from the voice of the customer. Text surveys provide your customers an easy way to use their mobile phone to send feedback in the moment allowing you to collect information at the point of experience and respond in “real-time”. Text surveys help you analyze these conversations to build better relationships with your customers—transforming them into loyal advocates of your business.

Radio Frequency Identification
Radio frequency identification solutions track and report trends, keep records, and automate information data capture. The walk-through RFID attendance tracking system is an efficient automated solution for customers to capture time and attendance. It combines an RFID gate reader and passive RFID tags, to record valuable attendees’ data to help with future conference planning. Our RFID solutions can incorporate surveys, certification tracking, and marketing analysis.

Our systems and services enable you to get optimal feedback from the individuals that matter most to your organization, your customers and your marketplace.

Learn how Feedback Systems’ clients use the power of insights collected through these methods to improve their business.

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