Top New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business Owners in 2020

As the New Year (and new decade!) approaches, small business owners should be examining their operations in 2019 and devising a list of things they can do better in 2020. Resolutions help us improve on the shortcomings of the year prior. For instance, entrepreneurs should now be thinking about how to improve their marketing efforts in the…


6 Small Business Problems faced by Entrepreneurs

Have you ever heard someone saying that running a business is easy? NO! Why? Because it takes a lot of practice to attain the self-discipline and determination to even develop a thought of handling the small business problems and challenges. Many have overcome this hardship and adapted the lifestyle of a Small Business Owner or…


How to Rank in Google Maps Local 3-Pack to Get More Customers

Google normally displays Google Maps local 3-Pack (Google Local Listings) on searches before organic results. For local business owners, this is the best place to rank. But, how do we get there? Optimize your Google My Business Profile When we say optimize, the information must be updated, accurate, and best represents the business. Here are…


Key Takeaways on Google’s Core Algorithm Updates

Google has just published a guide relative to its recent core updates. This specifically talks about the updated questions to ask about creating quality content and getting familiar with the quality rater guidelines. Quality Content Google has reiterated that focusing on ensuring to produce the best content is what their algorithm seeks to reward. They…


Google Search “core updates” What you should do…

Every time Google releases updates especially “core updates”, some if not many seem to panic. Of course, they worry that their rankings might go down or their previous content strategy might not work anymore. The main question here really is, are we making “quality” content? If your answer is yes, then there is no need…


5 Reasons Why Tour Operators Should Value Reputation, Online and Offline

The tourism industry is a business that is continuously evolving together with how people are transforming their purchasing decisions. In this digital age, it is now easier for potential customers to assess which tour operator is the best option with just a few clicks. As a result, tour operators should monitor and analyze what customers…

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5 Reasons New Customers Aren’t Finding Your Plumbing Company Online

Do you believe your plumbing company can be found easily online by potential clients? Think again.


Why Organic Conversion Is Getting Harder and What You Can Do About It

Google has been making it harder to convert in organic search. In recent years, the search giant has been crowding out SERP real estate with a wide assortment of new SERP features to better match search intent. The ten blue links that marketers used to rely on have been shrinking, with no end in sight….


5 Tips for Driving CRO on Mobile

It’s no secret that mobile is the most popular search platform today. Customers now expect a frictionless, even touchless mobile experience, which is why Google recently shifted from a desktop to a mobile-first index. The upshot for Long Beach, CA-area business owners is that they must be agile and adapt their digital marketing approach by…


Understanding User Signals to Master CRO

The most important thing every marketer needs to know in order to master conversion rate optimization is the implicit assumptions and desires—or user signals, to use the proper marketing term—of their target audience. User signals are essentially any action taken by a visitor on a site; when looked at over time, an SEO can extrapolate…