Customer Loyalty: Multi-year Trending Reveals Valuable Insights

Strategic Intent:
Explore new customer acquisition targets and to improve their overall customer retention strategy using a Customer Satisfaction Index and Net Promoter Score.


  • A government agency comprised of separate business units exist under 22 functional areas including e-commerce, financial services, IT/network services, purchasing and transportation/travel
  • Client required a fresh approach to concentrate on key drivers of customer loyalty
  • Client required a comprehensive research program to provide a better understanding of their customers’ perception of business offerings
  • Objectives of the study include: the development and refinement of corporate-level performance benchmarks across the business units, the full enterprise and competitive markets with a focus on customer needs by using standard questions to facilitate comparisons across groups and situations
  • A modular survey design is employed to provide an overall measurement across the enterprise with a core group of questions and a separate key process indicators rating series for each business unit

Key Implementation Components:

  • Web-based, Modular Survey
  • Design/programming Sampling Strategy
  • Email Invitation/Reminder – communication process
  • Smooth/Engaging survey process
  • Weighting Reporting at Combined Total and Business Unit levels

Primary Results:

  • Customer satisfaction was stable for the client relative to competitive alternatives, although still indicating room for improvement within specific business units
  • Client scored lower on certain key performance indicators where additional focus was needed
  • There is significant room for improvement with respect to the amount of time required to obtain services
  • Customer comments are reported to develop a better understanding of these expectations

Key strategic results:

  • Multi-year trending analysis revealed insight into specific business unit’s competitive advantage, new customer acquisition improvements and opportunities to retain more customers
  • Quality Improvement Teams were formed to implement more targeted communications and strategic improvements to the service components of certain functional groups
  • Additional resources have been directed toward opportunities for enhanced communication by maintaining website information


The client successfully implemented a change management practice across the enterprise

What the client said:

Feedback Systems performed at a high level and achieved the best cooperation/participation rate over other providers we have used.
– Top executive, client program management