… About Google My Business and Why Your Business Needs It

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When it comes to quality traffic (visits) that generates clicks, conversions and sales for a business, Google tops the list, everytime.

With several search engines in the market, Google is the only platform where 56% of the local businesses have been listed. The percentage may seem a bit low but it is comparatively much greater than its rivals including Microsoft’s Bing.

The exponential growth in digital marketing has forced local businesses to take a step ahead and leverage the power of search engines to grab more customers on board!

And the first step is to list your business on Google My Business – which is a free platform where your business can exist virtually:

Why Google My Business Listing is essential?

When it comes to branding, entrepreneurs and business owners shamelessly promote their businesses to make sure their services/products reach more eyeballs, right?

Similarly, when it comes to listing your business on the world’s most visited search engine; several benefits are offered (the whys behind why you list your business with Google My Business):

  1. It improves Business Visibility

With Google My Business, you can share the core interests of your businesses. This enables Google to learn exactly what your business is all about and your business appears for every relevant search made.

For example: If your business is about spas and someone searches for ‘spas that are open on Sunday’, a list of spas will appear. If you have added Sunday to the working days, your business name might top the list!

  1. It helps your Website Rank better

Like other Google based services, My Business offers multiple benefits for your business website appearance in SERPs.

If we analyze a number of queries including the highly competitive ones, too, we find business listings on the right sidebar or in the results’ place. This not only improves visibility but also helps in generating organic clicks to your business site (which, if designed with good UX and UI in mind, will generate maximum sales!).

  1. Learning About Your Business Performance

Last but not least, Google My Business helps you learn about your business performance. Each listing has reviews section for customers to write a feedback or review. Business owners can then manage, showcase and respond to each of the query.

Learning exactly what your customers think about your business is the only way to go!

You can create effective strategies to minimize the issues and improve customers’ trust which eventually clears the path to becoming a million-dollar company. Learn more about increasing customers’ trust here

How to List Your Business on Google My Business?

Let’s talk about listing business with Google My Business.

It’s easy and takes just a few moments. We have an excellent way to manage all these information from one place. Read more about it here.

●     Go to Google My Business home page and click on “Manage Now”

●     You’ll be taken to a Google Maps integrated page, feed your business name and location, business phone, category and other relevant information.

●     A promptive message sharing that a verification code will be sent to your address within a week or so.

●     When the Google My Business letter arrives, enter the PIN (verification code) on the dashboard and your business will be successfully listed on Google.

 The Bottom Line

When you’re running a business, any platform that fetches you more eyeballs, visibility and interaction with customers is a must-use thing and Google My Business has got everything to meet the criteria. Make sure you list your local business via Google My Business and see how your business blooms!

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