4 Tips for Creating Effective Google My Business Listing

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Google My Business, when launched in 2014, was just another free service by Google to help businesses grow for free.

Later it became Local Businesses’ best friend as it became easier for them and Franchised brands to be found on Google.

Right now, Google has got highly programmed AI bots working in the backend that fetch information right from Google My Business database and come up with business profiles that are nearby!

These specific business listings have helped millions of local businesses grow in no time. Although several premium improvements have been added to the platform, it is still free and any local business can improve its visibility and customer base by just listing the profile in an effective pattern.

While its fairly easy to create your own Google My Business Account as written here, it is very easy to lose track of the information. Fortunately, Feedback System has a great system that can manage and track these.

Here are a few points to consider while listing your business on Google:

1. Make sure your Business Name is correct

First things first, make sure your business name is correct as it is the first impression and the real identity. Keep it case-sensitive and double check for the relevant details including slogan and description.

2. Double check your address

After business identity, address is essential when it comes to business accessibility. If your address is not correct, people may lead towards a wrong address when they try to visit your business which is not a good impression either.

3. Double Check Your Business website & Phone Number

For better accessibility, we simply go for business websites and landlines. These two details can skyrocket or ruin customers’ engagement in no time. Make sure you feed the accurate business website URL and the landline so that your customers have no issues when they try reaching out. If the website URL is incorrect, customers might head over to a wrong webpage. Similarly, if the business phone number is incorrect, customers might end up calling the wrong businesses which can have serious consequences for your business reputation later on!

4. Business Hours should be revised on time!

Last but not least, Google My Business offers you editable business hours. You can add separate business hours for each weekday and timely edit them. Feed them accurately as these are what decide customers’ arrival — what if they follow your working hours and reach out when your shop is closed?

From business name to business hours, each detail can either improve your business reputation or have negative consequences. Make sure you feed accurate information for each section and have the best of your customers’ engagement later on.

Wishing you all the best for your business’ virtual existence.

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